Go solar!

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Modern life requires the use of many electronic devices and the number grows along with the technological progress. However, all of them need to be charged at some point of time, causing higher electricity charges. Many people consider going solar, but the first question they usually ask is if solar panels are able to fully support their needs in terms of power supply.

The PV solar system produces electricity when sun rays reach the surface of the solar panels. Clearly, the system will operate at its highest capacity on the sunny days. For example, PV panels with an area of 10m2 can give you up to 1 kW of energy. But what if it rains? Don’t worry, the newest solar panel technologies allow generating electricity at any weather and lightning.

During the cloudy or rainy days the efficiency of the system reduces, but electrogenesis does not stop completely, so with the help of the associated equipment you will still receive high-quality electricity. Moreover, the solar panels will work even if they are exposed to an artificial lightning. Plus, the solar roofs store energy to provide flawless current supply. The system doesn't need much space to be installed. It does not require any special maintenance, fuel and raw materials.